58000 locations, each with a socioeconomic index

Are you a B2C business selling to Australian consumers? GeoInsight is a tool to help you develop better understanding of your Australian customers. We’ve split the entire country into 58,000 separate locations and calculated a simple index for each area using Australian socioeconomic data. Geoinsight validates and matches your customer’s location, then provides a simple index from 1 to 10 - from potential low to potential high value.

As the index is a simple, easy to understand number, you can better understand your customers and make marketing and promotional decisons on data, not just guesses or "one size fits all" thinking. What would you do now you know which of your customers are most likely to have disposable income for purchases? How can you price your products better?

Providing the data for decisions like these is what GeoInsight does best.

Only 22 cents per customer and a $1.50 fee

per report


Now available on the Shopify App Store